Weekly Walk 2-13-18

Weekly Walk 2-13-2018

Thanks for tuning in again to the SafetyPUP Weekly Walk, where we wander through wit and wisdom searching for fun and meaningful information about your relationship with your dog. Today’s Valentine’s Day edition will explore how your dog feels about you and whether or not dogs actually experience love.

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And now, on to the news:


Does My Dog Really Love Me?

While dogs have different sets of emotions than humans, one canine cognition expert provides a plethora of proofs to assure us that yes; dogs really do care deeply about us. In fact, they even dream about us!



What Other Kinds of Feelings Does My Dog Have For Me?

If love isn’t enough, pet food manufacturer Purina recently released information on a summit hosted by the company that revealed dogs have a broad range of emotions, some of them much more human than you might think. And yes, this article also digs into the question of whether or not our dogs actually love us.



How Many Emotions are Dogs Capable of Expressing?

ModernDogMagazine recently released an article that goes even further in exploring the kinds of emotions dogs experience and exhibit. While the number of emotions dogs can feel is amazing, it’s also interesting to note which emotions they DON’T feel!



Tune in next week for more, and stay safe out there!