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November 15, 2023



Deck the halls with barks and safety, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! Tis the season to be... safe? You betcha! Get ready for the holly-jolly '12 Tips for a Safety PUP Holiday!' Cue the snow!

Reflective Gear is a Must

What’s shiny and bright and safe all over? You guessed it! Rockin' around the Christmas tree is more fun when you're seen! Light up like the star you are with SafetyPUP High Visibility reflective gear!

Avoid Holiday Food Scraps

Hold your horses, or should we say... your reindeers, dear pooches! That holiday spread might look like the dog's dinner, but here's the 'paw-ful' truth...

Chocolates? More like choco-lates-you-sick. Macadamia nuts? Maca-don't-even-think-about-it. Grapes and raisins? Absolute belly betrayers. And onions, garlic, and booze? The unholy trinity of tummy turmoil!

But wait! Even that succulent turkey can be a sneaky foe if it's loaded with herbs and spices. 'Herb' your enthusiasm, buddies, because those seasonings can really spice up your life... and not in a good way.

So this festive season, let's stick to the kibble and bits that won't land you on Santa's naughty vet list. Remember, a 'pawsitive' holiday is a safe holiday!

Christmas Tree Precautions

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how careful we must be around thee! Remember, curious snoots, those glittering goodies aren’t doggo loot. Let’s leave 'em hanging, shall we?

Manage New Year's Noise

Fireworks? More like scare-works! Frightened furballs, fear no more! Cozy up in your quiet fortress of solitude. And if the great escape is your plan, dazzle in your SafetyPUP reflective gear to shine under the starry sky!

Holiday Guests and Your Dog

New friends knocking? Remember, party people, we love the pats, but on our terms! A little training goes a long way, and I’m not talking about your PUP. TRAIN YOUR GUESTS on how to approach and greet your PUP. Manners matter, friends!

Cold Weather Concerns

Baby, it's cold outside! But fret not, my chilly chums. Swaddle your shivers in SafetyPUP XD’s Fleece lined Soft Shell vest. Who knew safety could feel like a warm hug?

Update Pet IDs

Check it once, check it twice, are your IDs naughty or nice? Wanderlust meets winter wonderland is fun, but make sure Santa knows where to send your 'Lost & Found' card!

Gift Safety

Ripping into those pressies? Pawsome! But beware the secret Santa saboteurs—small bits or toxic hits. SafetyPUP gear to the rescue! Safe, stylish, and Santa-approved!

Candle and Decoration Hazards

Candles and baubles and glitz—oh my! Light up the festivities, not your fur. Keep the sparkle strictly in the decor, and the wagging strictly in your tails!

Travel Tips

Road-tripping with your bipedal chauffeurs? Don’t forget your jet-setter’s SafetyPUP vest—because 'Lost Dog' posters are so last season.

Alone Time

Need a bark-break from the hullabaloo? Find your inner pup peace with a serene walk in your trusty SafetyPUP High Visibility Reflective Vest. Om... bark... om...

Emergency Preparedness

On Dasher, on Dancer, on... Vet and First Aid? Prep your sleigh with emergency flair, and don your SafetyPUP gear. Always seen, always safe.