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February 04, 2016

We’re looking forward to the Super Bowl as much as you are, but there are a few things you should know regarding pet safety during the big game. A large number of pets are injured or fall ill on Super Bowl Sunday each year, and most of these problems are completely avoidable.

Food is the biggest threat to pets during the Super Bowl. While zesty chili dip and nacho cheese hot dogs might be perfectly fine (?) for a human, they can make your dog very sick. More importantly, there are foods you might think are safe but will end up making your dog sick:

Beer Just like people, some animals have a taste for beer. But think twice before pouring your pet a pint: even a nip can cause fatal respiratory depression.

Wings Chicken wings have especially fine bones, which can splinter easily and puncture the GI tract. And the spicy sauces are virtually guaranteed to cause an upset stomach.

Onion Rings Onions in any form (rings, dips, sandwich stackers) are poisonous to pets, not to mention that fried foods can cause diarrhea.

Nuts Many nut varieties have a devastating effect on dogs' nervous systems. Walnuts and macadamias are especially toxic and can cause vomiting, paralysis and even death.

Cubed Meats or Cheese A bite of meat or cheese won't make your pet sick, but skip serving them on toothpicks, which can cause severe and potentially fatal damage to pets' GI tracts if swallowed.

Between talking, watching the game and having drinks, it can be easy to lose track of your pet. So how do you make sure all paws are protected? That's simple - start with a game plan. If your dog is notorious for stealing food or counter surfing, the temptation of a Super Bowl spread may be too great. If that's the case, stow your scavenger in a quiet room away from the party, or seek alternative arrangements before hosting.

Of course, cheering your team and chowing down on treats is more fun when you let furry friends get in on the action. Go for the extra point by having pet-friendly snacks handy for hounds with hungry eyes. Better yet, go for two by preparing some safe, healthy pet treats! Remember to keep an eye on unattended plates and cups and make sure to clean up promptly. Even if they're blocked at the line of scrimmage, sufficiently motivated dogs will run do an end run without a second thought.

Finally, be sure to have your vet's number handy in case your pet sneaks a snack of something he shouldn't. Depending on the size of your dog and the goods he gobbled, you may need to seek treatment to prevent serious sickness.

Make a plan for your pets and put safety first this Sunday and the only threat you need to worry about on game day will come from the opposing team!   Source: Huffington Post