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December 25, 2018

Pregame Exercise

Take your PUP for a walk or on a trip to the dog park during the day. The comotion of New Years Eve, the sound and smell of fireworks will make most dogs uneasy. Your dog will experience less anxiety if they are in a rested state from an active day.

walk your dog before new years eve

Keep Your Dog Indoors

Even the most well behaved dog can get a little mixed up and fly the coop once the action is underway. Keep your dog indoors. If your PUP needs to use the restroom then use a leash and watch your PUP closely.

If you live in a rural area where your dog typically enjoys an off leash lifestyle this is a good time leash up for potty breaks. Even if you don’t have big city fireworks the sound of nearby neighbors bringing in the New Year with firearms could be just enough for your PUP to bolt.

dogs begging new years eve

Train Your Guests

It is always nice to bring in the New Year with family and friends. If you are having company, simply remind your guests to refrain from giving your dog any food or alcohol. Many of us sneak our dogs an occasional treat of whatever we didn’t finish on our plate, but a little food from a full house of guests can add up quickly. Too much human food could give your dog issues later that you both will have to deal with.

Be Aware Of Fireworks

Poppers, noisemakers, and other explosives may be a ton of fun, but, just like a toddler, your dog will put just about anything in their mouth. Keep track of all fireworks closely before, during, and after use. Keep all fireworks out of reach from both children and dogs. Make sure your dog has a quiet and safe place to take sanctuary away from what will feel like a war zone.

Check Your Dogs I.D.

Your PUP doesn’t need to be 21 to enjoy the New Years festivities, but should he or she get lost it is helpful if your PUP can be identified. When your dog runs away your chances of being reunited increase drastically when you have both a ID tag on their collar and a microchip. They both work great, but only if the information on them is accurate. If your address or phone number has changed then make sure you update both your dogs ID tag and the information on file for their microchip.