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New Year's Eve Tips for Dog Owners

December 30, 2015

new years dogs New Year’s Eve is upon us, and we’re all looking forward to spending a long night eating, drinking, and spending time with friends and family. Like other holidays, New Year’s is a time of celebration for people, but our canine companions are often confused by the altered schedule and all the commotion. To ensure that your dog enjoys a safe and happy New Year’s Eve with you and your family, please give the following list of NYE safety tips for dog owners a quick read: Exercise pets during the day. If you exercise your pet vigorously before the party begins, then pets may tend to sleep through the festivities. Keep pets indoors. Don’t give pets an opportunity to run away by leaving them outside. Make them feel safe by keeping them in a familiar, warm and cozy area and try playing soothing music, so the sound of fireworks is not as loud. Keep pets leashed or confined if outdoors. If it is not an option to keep a pet inside, then keep your pet on a leash with a good fitting collar or confined when fireworks are exploding. Don’t forget your meds. If your pet is extremely anxious at the sound of fireworks, chances are you’ve already got a pet prescription for medication that will help keep your dog calm. Refill it if necessary, and use it if your dog becomes overly agitated or anxious. Keep pets in a safe area during the party. Pets can easily run outside unnoticed during the festivities as guests are opening and closing doors, so it’s often best to keep pets safe in their own part of the house. Watch what your pet eats. Don’t feel your pet is missing the fun if they don’t get to have some of your party food. Do not give your pet alcohol and do not feed them party snacks. Too much food unfamiliar to them can upset their stomach or make them ill.   Source: