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Pet Insurance: Service or Scam?

January 11, 2016

dog insurance Pet insurance is available from a rapidly increasing number of insurance companies, and many of our readers are curious whether or not it’s something they need. While there’s no short answer to that question, there are a number of quick points that we can cover to help you determine whether or not your dog needs pet insurance. If you know anyone considering purchasing pet insurance, or who has recently purchased a policy, please share this article with them. Why Would You Need Insurance for your Dog? This scenario happens to too many pet parents around the country: You notice that your dog has seepage coming from his eyes. "Hmmm. Another cold?" Two hours later, you're looking at an estimate for laser surgery. Laser surgery? "But... but it was just a cold! I thought!" When all is said and done, that bacterial infection could cost you more than $3,500 or even $4,000, according to This is after you find out that antibiotics and eye ointments aren't going to cut it. If you want your pet to keep his vision, you're going to have to cough up that money for the laser treatment. If you are like the majority of people in the U.S., you're scrimping to pay the bills. So, let's say that your overly curious and mischievous dog Bella decides to find out what tinsel tastes like. By the time you realize what she's doing, she's nibbled and tasted enough tinsel from your Christmas tree that you notice a gap. That tinsel has to come out somehow, which could mean surgery. Expensive, expensive surgery. However, if you have a pet insurance plan, you'll pay a fraction of the overall vet bill. When you factor in your monthly pet insurance premium, the co-pay, and the deductible, you and Bella are still way ahead. Does Your Dog Have a Preexisting Condition? Diabetes, hip dysplasia, asthma, even allergies – it doesn't matter how serious the condition may or may not be, if your pet has a preexisting condition, you need a reliable pet insurance plan to help you cover the procedures, tests, and medications for your beloved four-legged family member. Sure, some might scoff at you testing little Bella’s blood sugar and giving her a dose of insulin every day. But because you love her, you want to make sure she stays healthy and feels good, right? As you research the different pet insurance plans out there, it’s absolutely critical to find out whether or not the plans you're interested in will cover preexisting conditions, and if they do, which conditions. Don’t lock yourself into a policy that won’t cover what you need. Healthy Dogs May Not Need Coverage Conversely, if your pet is healthy and not prone to expensive accidents, you may not need pet insurance at all. Maybe you can set aside the equivalent of a monthly premium and use that for future illnesses and emergencies. A pet wellness plan may fit your pet's and family's needs more closely. Routine vet care and a few extra procedures are covered for between $20 and $40 monthly, according to the The Bottom Line Not all pet insurance plans are the same. In the end, you need to look at how much you spend annually on care for your pet and then make a decision. Remember - if your dog is healthy and happy, and isn’t aggressive or accident prone, you may not need pet insurance. But. If she has a chronic medical condition or gets herself into “situations” on a regular basis, a good pet insurance plan could save you a bundle.   Source: Huffington Post