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November 10, 2018

Chewing is natural, starting from PUP all the way to grown PUP. Dogs think that chewing is so normal that they will chew just about anything they can get their teeth on. That includes clothes, furniture, that brand new pair of shoes, and even the walls in some cases!

This is not just an issue of having to replace valuable items. It is not safe! There are many items that can present choking hazards or contain chemicals that can be harmful when chewed. Correcting issues with chewing is a protection for your PUP.

Let’s look at some reasons that dogs chew:

  1. Puppy Life: Much like our human toddlers put just about anything in their mouth, puppies are exploring the world with their mouths. Don’t stress too much. This is something that most puppies will outgrow. Focus on basic obedience training and establishing leadership. In the meantime, puppy proof your home and keep anything you don’t want chewed out of reach.
  2. Separation Anxiety: Do you leave your dog home alone? When entering or leaving your home do not touch, talk, or make eye contact with your dog. Basically you are not calling attention or making an event of you leaving or returning home. Before you leave take your dog on a nice walk so you can leave them in a rested state.
  3. Bored Much? I bet you could see this one coming! What happens when your dog has pent up energy? They need a release and that release could be your new favorite pair of shoes gnawd to make an obscure fashion statement. The level of activity must be sufficient for your dogs needs. This could mean more walks, some time playing with your dog, a trip to the dog park, or some obedience games.
correcting problems with chewing dog chewing bone


Encourage appropriate chewing. This can be best accomplished by giving your dog something they would prefer to chew over your Jimmy Choo’s or Air Jordans. Just kidding, we all know it was the Sketchers. Dogs will have their preference, but some favorites could be a tasty dental stick or an elk horn.

correcting chewing problems dog chewing toy


Toys are also a great option. Something they can pick up and carry around, but big enough they won’t choke on it. Find one or two things or more that your dog prefers to chew on and you will have no worries redirecting their attention.

If you find your dog chewing on an inappropriate item then correct and scold them immediately. Take the item away. Then replace it with an appropriate item. Your PUP will quickly learn the boundaries of what is important and what is not.

Always remember, a tired dog is well behaved dog! Encourage play time and get your dog out. It works for kids and it works for dogs. Wear them out and they will be too tired to cause any trouble.