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Re-Homing your Pet? Don’t Use a Shelter!

December 06, 2015

paws1 Animal shelters should be the last option (or not an option) for animal owners, since even no-kill shelters will occasionally be forced to move un-adopted pets to places where euthanasia is used. But what other options are there? is sort of like a dating site, but instead of finding a partner you’re finding a pooch! Answer a few questions, fill out a bit of information, and the site will provide a number of options that will ensure a potentially paw-fect relationship with your new furry friend! paws3 For those who to re-home a pet, PawsLikeMe also offers an adoption service that allows you to post your pet’s profile and find them a new family. Good idea? Great idea! Be sure to share this page with any friends you have who are looking to adopt or who need to re-home a pet!