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Thanksgiving Treats Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving dogs As Thanksgiving approaches, dog owners across the country are gearing up for eating season. If you’re like most people, sharing a little treat with your dog under the table might seem harmless. In fact, reports that 56% of pet owners share Thanksgiving table scraps with their pets. While this might seem like a good way to share holiday cheer with our dogs, it’s all too easy to forget that there are certain foods we always should keep on the table. All dog owners should review the following list of common Thanksgiving foods and whether or not they are palatable for dogs. Remember – better safe than sorry! CAN: Mashed Potatoes Potatoes on their own are fine for dogs, but be aware of any additional ingredients that are often used. Mashed potatoes may contain cheese, sour cream, butter, onions, and gravy, any of which could be dangerous for your dogs and other pets. CANNOT: Onions, Garlic, Leeks, or any Allium Don’t give your dog anything with alliums. It may be true that small, well-cooked portions can be okay, but ingesting these foods in large quantities can lead to toxic anemia in dogs. CAN: Turkey Turkey is great source of lean protein. Just make sure to stick with white meat and remove any excess skin or fat. Also, do not give your dog turkey bones – they splinter easily and can choke your dog or cause internal injuries if swallowed. CANNOT: Grapes and Raisins Many people do not know how toxic grapes and raisins are to dogs. The fruit has been shown to cause kidney failure in canines, so make sure your dog steers clear of them. CAN: Cranberry Sauce Cranberry sauce is generally okay for dogs, however it’s best to share cranberry sauce in moderation since it may contain a large amount of sugar which can lead to health complications, especially in smaller or older dogs. CANNOT: Xylitol Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used as a substitute for sugar. It may be a healthier choice for humans, but it is terribly fatal for dogs, so read those labels! CAN: Macaroni and Cheese If your dog’s stomach can handle lactose, macaroni and cheese is a safe to share. If your dog doesn’t handle lactose well, you can always share plain macaroni. CANNOT: Chocolate Of course we humans love chocolate, and many dogs find it irresistible as well. While it’s commonly known that dogs and chocolate don’t mix, mishaps are bound to happen during the holiday season. Baked goods that contain chocolate are one of the most common ways humans accidentally allow their pets to ingest chocolate, so keep a sharp eye on those cookies! CAN: Green Beans Plain green beans are a healthy vegetable treat many dogs love. But if the green beans are mixed into a casserole, be aware of any other ingredients in it, like cheese or onions. CANNOT: Alcohol Never give your dog any food with alcohol – even in tiny amounts. What humans consider a moderate amount can be toxic for dogs. Bear in mind that alcohol is often present in foods like fruit cake, cookie batter, and unbaked bread, as well as in egg nog and many deserts. Source: