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January 02, 2021

There are a lot of reflective dog vests on the market, but they are not all created equal. While we are of course partial to our vest, because we created it and use our vest to protect our dogs, we did our best to remain neutral as we compared these vests.

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Your PUP needs a vest that is built from premium materials and engineered to stand up to most outdoor environments without ripping or unraveling.

The 4LegsFriend is made of what looks to be a light polyester. You can actually almost see through this vest. They claim it is water repellent, but a simple water pour test reveals that water will not be repelled at all. Water runs through this vest almost as easy as your pasta strainer.

We chose a 300D Oxford Weave as the primary material for SafetyPUP XD, because it is light weight and extra durable. SafetyPUP XD is waterproof which means it repels water and soil. The extra durable construction resists rips, tears, and abrasions.

PuppyCare is also a 300D Oxford Weave, but that is about the only thing they got right on this vest.

best reflective dog vest material comparison safetypup vs 4legs friend


PuppyCare & 4LegsFriend both suffer from quite a few loose threads and seams. While the PuppyCare vest is visibly the worst of the two, all seams on both of these vests are single stitched. The highest stress areas of the vest are literally hanging on by a thread. They do single stitching because it is cheap and gives them better margins.

For SafetyPUP XD we chose to reinforce the stitching. You will notice two rows of stitches side by side for the entire length of the strap. This double stitching costs more, but ensures durability that will stand up to the elements and your PUPs activity. 


reflective dog vest quality of construction


The velcro is what holds everything together, so it needs to be strong. Velcro has two sides, the hook, or the rough side, and the loop.. The soft side.

The PuppyCare uses thin straps with a very light velcro. You can see the spacing in the hook and it doesn’t take much to pull this velcro apart.

While the 4LegsFriend vest is better, it still comes apart easily with one hand and the front strap is thinner providing even less surface area for the velcro to secure.

We went with an extra durable velcro on the SafetyPUP XD that is about twice as strong as other vests. You are going to need two hands to pull this velcro apart.


Brooklyn is 65 lbs making her a large for all three of these vests, but they do not all fit the same. You will get the best fit if you actually measure your PUP, especially if your furry friend is at the bottom or top of the size range.

PuppyCare Large fit like an oversized dress on Brooklyn. You can see how this vest would not stay on well. It hangs more than a 70’s prom dress and it isn’t even as stylish.

4LegsFriend fits much better than the puppycare, but SafetyPUP just provides more coverage and obviously that will vary from dog to dog, because our precious PUPs just vary so much in size and we aren’t talking custom clothing here, but double stitching and extra durable velcro ensure SafetyPUP will hold that fit for your PUPs greatest adventures.


PuppyCare does not list a guarantee in fact I could not find a website for this vest.

4legsFriend offers a 30 day guarantee on their website.

SafetyPUP XD offers a lifetime guarantee. If at anytime you are unhappy with your vest then we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Donation with Purchase

With every vest you purchase on our website we donate a vest to a PUP in need. We have partnered with organizations like Monthly Miracles, Eastbay SPCA, and the Animal Rescue Foundation.

Checkout our charitable partnerships.

SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest has thousands of reviews and has been the most trusted by dog lovers to keep their PUPs safe since 2013.

Reflective Dog Vest Comparison Infographic

Reflective dog vest comparison infographic safetypup vs 4legs friend four legs friend