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September 11, 2017

For many dog owners, hunting season can be a harrowing time of worry and concern. But with a little bit of foresight and preparation, you can provide plenty of protection for even the most rambunctious canine. Keep the following five things in mind during hunting season, and you and your four legged pal can continue enjoying the outdoors without stress:

Pick the Right Time Choosing the right day and the right time is important if you want to minimize your contact with hunters. Be aware of when your local hunting seasons start and finish, and remember that most hunters will be out and about during the early morning and evening, so try not to go out during those times. Also, the opening day and weekend of each hunting season tend to be the busiest, so consider staying home on those days.

Pick the Right Place Many areas do not permit hunting, so sticking to places where you know there is no danger is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your pet out of harm’s way. Consider making a map of areas that are safe, and stick to those areas during hunting season.

Wear the Right Outfit Investing in a reflective vest or coat for your dog is a must if you live near any potential hunting area. Choose something light and comfortable that won’t hinder your dog, but sturdy enough that it won’t fall off if your pooch takes a detour through the brush. You might consider picking up a reflective vest for yourself as well.

Use the Right Leash Choosing a leash that provides plenty of control is always important, but this especially true during hunting season. Remember that your dog might get spooked by the sound of gunshots, even if they’re distant, so keep a firm grip at all times. A reflective leash is also a good idea since it increases visibility when combined with a reflective dog vest.

Make Yourself Known Any other ways you can make yourself easy to see or hear will help keep you safe. A bell for your dog’s collar, a flashing light on your hat, or even a whistle you occasionally blow when walking through high cover are all excellent ways to alert others to your presence. If you do see hunters, don’t make the mistake of trying to sneak past – call out to them and make yourself known right away!

By keeping these simple rules in mind, you and your dog won’t have to spend your autumn cooped up in the house. Be smart, be alert, and be visible at all times!