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USA Made Dog Treats and the Dangers of Imported Pet Snacks

December 17, 2014

Special note to all SafetyPUP customers: our previous blog post that highlighted the importance of buying dog treats made in the USA was incorrect. It turns out that the dangers of imported chicken dog treats are more severe and widespread than we initially thought. The number of canines affected by adverse conditions relating to dog treats imported from China is in the thousands, as reported by CBS News.  This is a dramatic uptick from dog treat related illnesses reported during the few years previous. Another article, this time from Fox News, rattled off a list of manufacturers who have admitted that they do not sell dog treats made in the USA. Surprisingly, both Del Monte and Nestle Purina – two of the largest dog treat retailers – are on the list. Finally, and most disturbing, a report from NBC News explains how the maladies caused by non USA made dog treats have actually led to reports of illness in both cats AND people! Clearly, this issue is far more pressing and prevalent than we originally thought. One of the biggest reasons we chose to partner with KONA’S CHIPS® is because we know that their dog treats are made in the USA only, and only from all-natural ingredients. Regardless of which brand you choose, make sure you read the label carefully and verify that your dog treats are manufactured domestically – imported treats just aren’t worth the risk.   For more information, see the latest report from the FDA. GET-HEALTHY-DOG-TREATS