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January 08, 2018

 Welcome to the first edition of the SafetyPUP Weekly Walk, your one stop source for headlines, news, and information designed to help keep both you and your pup safe and happy! Before we start, we wanted to let everyone know about a new special running on three of our favorite SafetyPUP XD product lines. For a limited time, we’re bundling our Reflective Vest (Amazon’s choice!) with our 6’ Reflective Leash and our Treat Bag. This new SafetyPUP Bundle provides significant savings over standard retail, get yours here!

Now, on to the news:   Cold Weather Blues Frigid storms and chilly weather have been attacking cities throughout the US, with the southern states experiences record low temperatures in some areas. Keeping your pet warm in cold weather is important, and a recent news story from ABC news provides pointers on how to keep your canine cozy in crazy cold weather. Naturally, our SafetyPUP XD coat is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their dog warm, but there are other solutions that work too. This story from North Jersey provides pointers on protecting your pup from catching a chill – and your cat too, if that’s your thing.  

Common Health Issues for Popular Breeds Pets.webmd just put out an invaluable list of the top 25 most popular dog breeds along with notifications on common health challenges faced by each of them. A must read for new dog owners or future dog parents considering adoption.  

Denver Dogs Run Free Denver just opened up their tenth (!) off-leash dog park that allows canine residents to enjoy unhindered play in a safe and controlled setting. Many cities in the states (especially California) still have rigid leash laws that are intended to protect dogs from accidents, but these off-leash parks seem like a good compromise.   Does Your Dog Recognize your Smile? As reported from Huffpo and detailed on ScienceDaily, recent research from the University of Helsinki shows that dogs can indeed recognize a smiling face, and it’s been verified that dogs consciously process human emotion. The story was also picked up by People in an article that also includes explanations of how the hormone oxytocin plays a major role in how your dog sees you.   Tune in next week for more – stay safe and have fun!