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February 19, 2018

Raw food diets are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners, and today’s Weekly Walk is going to provide you with information on raw foods diets for pets, and maybe even some important information on the food you eat yourself!

And now the news:  

Should Dogs Eat a Raw Food Diet? While there are certainly voices on both sides of this issue, it’s important to have a broad understanding before we can come to any kind of informed decision. The following article from provides a good starting point for people who have just begun to consider putting their dog on a diet of raw foods.  

Isn’t Raw Food Harmful to Dogs? As with so many things in life, it really depends. Some raw food can be harmful, but some raw foods for dogs seem to be healthier than packaged pet food. Wherever you stand on the issue, all pet owners should read the following article from discussing the discoveries of a team of researchers in the Netherlands who have come to the conclusion that raw pet food is a bad idea.  

So What’s the Conclusion: Yes or No to Raw Foods for Dogs? This is a decision you should make after talking with your veterinarian. If you do decide to put your dog on a raw foods diet, make sure you review this article from that outlines a handful of the most common (and most dangerous) mistakes that pet owners make when putting their dog on a raw foods diet for the first time.   Thanks for reading, and give your dog a scratch behind the ears from SafetyPUP!