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February 12, 2016

The GENIUSES at DogVacay have done it now – these eight images are recreations from classic romance movies we all know and love, and each of these images is a strong reason to consider our dogs to be our Valentines this year! After you get through all of them, be sure to post a reply and let us know which of these images you like the most. We think #7 is tops, who’s with us?? Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends who love dogs and movies! 1. Who wouldn’t enjoy picking up this tutu-clad sweetheart, like how Johnny lifts Baby in “Dirty Dancing?”   2. Or maybe you’d prefer sharing a doe-eyed gaze with a pup rather than a person, mimicking Jake and Samantha in “Sixteen Candles.”   3. The main characters in “Lady and the Tramp” may be dogs, but we wouldn’t mind stepping in for the lead and sharing a spaghetti-kiss with a handsome guy like this.   4. And you don’t need to impress a doggy date with expensive jewelry, like Edward does Vivian in “Pretty Woman,” just a bone will suffice!   5. You could spend the evening holding a pair of clay-covered pooch paws rather than human hands, taking inspiration from Sam and Molly in “Ghost.”   6. And who needs a French girl when you have a French-ie to sketch, like Jack and Rose in the movie “Titanic?”   7. You can even sing a howlin’ duet with you four-legged Valentine, like Danny and Sandy in “Grease.”   8. Your dog is the perfect Valentine because every day, he feels about you the way Mark feels about Juliet in “Love, Actually.”   Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your pooches!   Sources: iheartdogs, DogVacay