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October 16, 2018

From scaring to sharing, Halloween can be a festive fun time for everyone in the family including the four legged members. There are a few tips that we would all do well to remember as we prepare for the arrival of all kinds of ghosts and goblins this season.

keep halloween candy out of reach from your dog


Keep the trick-or-treat candies out of paws reach

All forms of chocolate can be dangerous or even lethal for dogs, especially dark or baking chocolate. If your dog is like mine then she will eat just about anything! Make sure to take extra care to keep it out of reach of your furry pets. Some symptoms of chocolate poisoning can include diarrhea, rapid breathing, vomiting, increased heart rate and seizures. If your PUP(s) exhibits any of these symptoms then take her/him to the vet immediately.

The artificial sweetener xylitol can be especially poisonous to dogs. Just the smallest amount of this compound can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar leading to loss of coordination and seizures. Dr. Jennifer Coats ads, “Xylitol ingestion can also cause liver failure in dogs, even if they don’t develop symptoms associated with low blood sugar.”

Don’t leave pets alone in the yard on Halloween

Yes, it is horrible to even think, but there are some evil people in this world who will resort to some low-life ‘pranks’ on Halloween. They have been known to tease, steal, injure, and even kill pets. We believe in safety first and will be keeping a close eye on our PUPs.

high visibility reflective vest dog safety vest

Keep your dog highly visible

High visibility is the number one key to safety at night for all pets! Whether you are outside or welcoming trick-or-treaters make sure to keep a high visibility reflective dog vest on your PUP. When outdoors a reflective vest will make sure your dog is visible for other walking pedestrians and especially passing vehicles. The vest is a great idea inside, because bright colors and reflectivity announce your dogs presence and puts visitors at ease. Keeping people calm makes a great controlled environment for a calm PUP.

keep glow sticks out of reach from your dog


Keep glow sticks away from your dog

Glow sticks are enticing to just about anyone looking for fun! Light one up, my dog and I will probably want to join in on all the fun! The chemical inside is not toxic to your dog, however we are told it tastes absolutely horrible. It will most certainly make a dog agitated, pawing at their mouth, drooling, and they may even throw up. If your PUP gets a hold of one of these you can offer her some water and perhaps some yummy doggie treats to help calm the palette.


Look out for pumpkins and corn

You will probably encounter plenty of these Halloween plants in the weeks leading up to the big day. Small amounts of either pumpkin or corn can safely be ingested by your dog, but big pieces can cause intestinal blockage if they are swallowed. The issue of how fresh these vegetables are when your PUP happens to digest these can possibly make them ill. Be aware that carved pumpkins sit around for weeks leading up to Halloween. When mold occurs the mycotoxins can cause neurological issues in dogs. If your pumpkins are lit then there can be a fire danger, as well. Please remember to place those carved pumpkins where they are inaccessible to your fur buddy and watch your dog closely when wondering outdoors.

Keep battery powered decorations out of reach

While those battery powered candles do not present a fire hazard they can be just as dangerous to your dog. Shards of plastic or glass can cause lacerations in a dogs mouth when chewing or cause major issues in their gastrointestinal tract, if swallowed. When chewed open batteries can cause chemical burns or even blockage, when ingested. Keep your PUP occupied with their favorite safe dog toys and keep Halloween decorations out of reach.


Keep treats at the ready

With all the kids passing around their favorite candies your dogs will be very interested in all the commotion. Whether around the house or outdoors keep a treat bag at the ready stocked with your PUPs favorite treats. Your dog will be paying more attention to you than anyone else and eager to heed your commands for their tasty treats. Everyone else is enjoying some Halloween treats and your PUP can enjoy theirs too.


Can I see some ID?

Should your dog escape and become lost then having proper identification increases their chances of being returned. There are still many good samaritans who will check a dogs ID tag on their collar and return the wayward PUP to their family. Should the collar or tag fall off then all hope lies with your PUPs microchip. Make sure the information on file is up to date. Use this as an early reminder to make sure your PUPs microchip info is up to date before the holiday season and the new year.

Keep these simple tips in mind, share them with friends and family, and let’s all look forward to a happy and fun Halloween. Tricks for treats and your PUPs safety is always our top priority!