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July 10, 2018

My name is Stacy McINTOSH and I'm the President and co founder of SafetyPUP XD and this is Yuri. The idea for our products stemmed from what could have been a devasting night up in the Stanislaus Forest. My family and I (including Yuri of course) were camping at one of our favorite ski resorts where the resort was celebrating the beginning of the season.  That night as we huddled around a fire after a great day, without notice fireworks began shooting up in the air. Yuri at that moment lunged out of my husband's lap and bolted up a very steep mountain into the dark woods covered in snow.  

Both my husband and I ran after her but the hill was a good 45 degrees and Yuri had a great head start.  With her black coat in the black night we couldn't find her. I was devastated and extremely emotional. I cried hysterically calling her name trudging through the snow for hours. We even had ski patrol looking for her but after hours we still hadn't found her.  

Then by the grace of God I heard my husband yell "I found her".  When I asked how he found her he said he saw the reflection of her eyes down in a hole.  And the idea for SafetyPUP XD was born, well maybe not at the exact moment. I thought if she had some sort of reflectivty we would have found her so much quicker as the light of flashlight would have bounced off her.  

While that dark day was the spark for SafetyPUP XD it really began to evolve into so much more than that.  We realized that the reflectivity and high visibility wasn't only important at night or in urban areas. From the many letters from our customers we realized that the high visibility of our vests was much needed in the rural areas as well where dogs roam freely on large properties or for those that are active hikers and campers in both the day and night.  This was their way of always keeping an eye on their best friend and precious baby. And it gave others in the area confidence that they were witnessing a dog and not game helping to prevent a horrible hunting accident.

Through so many stories and letters the SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest wasn't just an accessory it was a necessity to keeping our babies safe in both urban and rural environments in both day and night. Since the launch of the vest we have gone on to produce more safety products such as our reflective rope leash, our winter vest and even our reflective dog training treat bag because reflectivity is always a good thing.  

Our mission is to keep all dogs visible because we believe that being seen is being loved.  We understand how much you love your dog and we don't want any of you to lose your dog like I almost lost Yuri. Having a dog is a wonderful experience and we want to help keep all dogs safe so you can enjoy the love a dog brings to you and your family for all the years to come.