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October 04, 2017

Autumn is arguably the happiest season for dogs – the heat of summer has cooled down to comfortable levels, kitchens are cooking with all manner of new and interesting smells, and pet parents are more likely to clip on a leash and take their dogs for a walk to admire the change of seasons. However, there are several dangers inherent in the fall season that dog owners know about, some more obvious than others. Here are the top five safety tips dog owners should keep in mind as we move into the autumn months:

Hunting Season While this news won’t mean much to city and suburban pets, dog owners in rural areas should be keenly aware that hunting season is well underway. Mornings and evenings are the times to be extra careful, and investing in a reflective dog vestis always a smart move if you’re planning on doing any camping or hiking.

Holiday Foods Halloween candy and Thanksgiving turkey are enjoyable treats for humans, but the great majority of foods we enjoy during the fall holidays can be quite harmful to canines. Sugary cakes, chocolates, and rich, fatty foods should not be shared with the family pet under any circumstances!

Shorter Days As the days get shorter and evenings creep up on us earlier in the day, our habitual evening walk can suddenly and surprisingly transform into a nighttime trek. If you’re planning on walking your dog in the evenings, take the proper precautions – a reflective leash or a reflective vestis a smart addition to your doggie wardrobe.

Mind the Mushrooms As temperatures wane, mushrooms will begin to make an appearance on lawns and in parks throughout the neighborhood. Curious dogs will often want a taste of this new and interesting morsel, and while most mushrooms are harmless enough, there are many that are highly toxic or even fatal if ingested. Unless you’re a mushroom expert, best to keep your pooch away.

Stow Those School Supplies Newly purchased backpacks, pencils, and notebooks have that fresh-from-the-store smell that dogs love to chew on, and what pooch wouldn’t love to bite open a fresh can of paste? Make sure your kids keep their book bags and school supplies stored out of your dog’s reach or you’ll have quite a mess on your hands (and probably a sick dog as well!).