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New Dog Treat Bag Released Under SafetyPUP XD Brand

May 02, 2017

The new SafetyPUP XD Dog Treat Bag was released at the beginning of the week by California-based pet products producer SJS Direct. As dog training bags rise in popularity due to growing pet populations in major metropolitan regions on both coasts, the SafetyPUP XD Dog Treat Bag provides a blend of features intended to satisfy both casual pet owners and professional dog trainers alike.

Primary design elements on the newly released treat bag for dogs include a spacious treat storage compartment with drawstring closure, a pocket for a wallet or cell phone, and an integrated waste bag system that provides the user with a quick cleanup option. Ancillary features on the dog treat bag include a brightly lit interior compartment to improve treat visibility and a three-way carry system with both shoulder and belt options.

“The Treat Bag is designed to give any pet owner a quick and easy ‘Grab and Go’ bag for everyday use,” says Shem Swerkes, VP of Marketing for SJS Direct. “Whether the user wants to take their dog on a hike, head down to the dog park, or just take a stroll around the block, the Treat Bag keeps everything they need in one place.”

For professional users, the SafetyPUP XD Treat Bag provides several key advantages. “Professional dog owners will definitely appreciate the multiple carry options on the new dog training bag,” continues Swerkes. “But the one feature we think professional trainers will really appreciate is the bright interior on the storage compartment – it makes much easier to glance down and gauge the contents of the bag.”

Like all products released by SafetyPUP XD, the new Treat Bag also utilizes a reflective visual design to improve safety for dogs and owners. “Enhancing user visibility is one of the central goals of all the products we produce,” explains Jubal McMillan, VP of Product Development for SJS Direct. “The reflective materials used on the new Treat Bag, and on all our products, help motorists spot the wearer from much farther away, dramatically reducing the chance of auto accidents.”

Buying trends show that pet safety is rapidly transforming from a secondary concern to a primary motivating factor for many pet owners, especially in online purchasing. New brands can be found in online stores every month, and as more product variation provides consumers with increased options, discerning buyers are demanding a greater number of features on the products they purchase.

Even though the Treat Bag has only been available for a short time, buyer feedback has so far been positive. “We take safety seriously, and we’re glad to see that our buyers do as well,” says McMillan.

About SJS Direct:

Based in Modesto, California, SJS Direct produces premium quality, safety-conscious products for dogs and dog owners. Unlike many dog apparel companies, SJS Direct does not concentrate on minimizing production costs to satisfy the lowest-price market, but is known for investing time and capital into product research, material engineering, and customer-requested feature development. As a result, SJS pet products provide superior craftsmanship, value, and utility while remaining competitively priced. For more information on the growing SafetyPUP XD product line, browse to