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Reflective Dog Vest Manufacturer Braces for Black Friday Sales

November 25, 2014

The online sales increases enjoyed by SJS Direct, the startup behind the popular SafetyPUP XD dog vest product line, is actively preparing for the explosion in holiday sales due to arrive on Black Friday.   Oakdale, CA: Everyone knows that Black Friday is traditionally the largest consumer products sales day of the year, and SJS Direct, the company that produces the popular SafetyPUP line of reflective dog vests, is bolstering for what could be their busiest sales day to date.   “We’ve got a lot of potential customers who are going to be online shopping for deals on Black Friday, and these shoppers are likely to continue perusing well through Cyber Monday,” explains Shem Swerkes, VP of Marketing for SJS Direct. Swerkes has been an integral part of branding and advertising efforts for SafetyPUP brand dog vests, and increasing exposure going into the holiday shopping season is sure to lead to a bump in sales. “How big a bump will we see? It’s hard to tell, but we do know that even though many holiday shoppers are looking for dollar savings, the SafetyPUP has historically outperformed even much less expensive dog vest offerings.”   Stacy McIntosh, CEO of SJS Direct, is legendary for her accurate predictions regarding sales volumes of SafetyPUP reflective dog vests. “We’ve seen a significant amount of chatter on social media, and many shoppers have intentionally held back purchasing decisions to wait and see what kind of specials Black Friday will bring. Overall, I’m expecting a big increase in sales that should ramp down slowly into the holiday.”   The biggest challenge facing SJS and SafetyPUP is making sure that there will be enough product on hand to meet the anticipated uptick in dog vest purchases. McIntosh Continues: “We’ve intentionally set aside a large volume of our SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vests to ensure that everyone who makes an order between Black Friday and Cyber Monday will receive their order well before Christmas.”   Even now, several days before Black Friday, SafetyPUP dog vests are experiencing fluctuations in sales that SJS leadership attributed to heightened customer anticipation. “Usually our sales are fairly stable, but for the last week they’ve been all over the map,” explains Swerkes. “To me, this reveals a combination of word of mouth exposure and shoppers who are intentionally holding back to make their final choice once Black Friday arrives.”   About SJS Direct:   Based in Modesto, California, SJS Direct is a new venture dedicated to providing premium quality consumer products across a broad range of industries. Unlike many producers of commercial goods, SJS Direct does not concentrate on minimizing production costs to satisfy the lowest-price market, but is known for investing time and capital into product research, material engineering, and customer-requested feature development. As a result, SJS products offer superior craftsmanship, value, and utility than many brand name manufacturers while remaining competitively priced. For more information on the new SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest, browse to