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SafetyPUP Dog Vest Team Celebrates National Mutt Day

December 01, 2014

You may not be aware that December 2nd is National Mutt Day, and while most of our blog posts are aimed at educating shoppers on the advantages of SafetyPUP reflective dog vests, we’ve decided to set aside some time to talk about a holiday that benefits pooches of all shapes and sizes. America has a special relationship with the humble mutt. Perhaps it’s the fact that our country is a melting pot of cultures, dialects, and traditions from all over the world, or maybe it’s our national predilection to root for the underdog, but there’s something about a huggable half-breed that melts our hearts. We all have stories of scruffy mongrels that made our lives better, but there’s no better story on National Mutt Day than the story of Nubs – an Iraqi dog of war that befriended an American Marine. If you’ve never read it, today is the perfect day to order your copy from Amazon. It’s an amazing tale of friendship that perfectly outlines why the American mutt is in many ways the most noble of breeds. And while you’re reading about Nubs, consider giving a few dollars to your local pet rescue charity. It’s the least we can do on National Mutt Day.