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Reflective Dog Vest Manufacturer Responds to Hunting Questions

August 29, 2014

SJS Direct, the California-based startup that develops and produces the SafetyPUP XD line of reflective dog vests, responds to several common questions received in correspondence from outdoor enthusiasts gearing up for hunting season.   Modesto, CA: Reflective dog vests, like the SafetyPUP XD produced by SJS Direct, are a trendy new piece of pet apparel often spotted in both suburban and rural neighborhoods. While sales of the SafetyPUP line of dog vests have grown steadily over the last year, purchases have spiked this month, and the leadership at SJS attributes this to both increased demand from outdoor recreationalists and a consumer base that is increasingly aware of the safety improvements that reflective dog vests provide.   “There’s no doubt that hunters are one of our largest markets,” states Stacy McIntosh, CEO of the SJS Direct and Brand Manager for the SafetyPUP dog vest product line. “The SafetyPUP is a popular hunting dog vest, and for good reason. It provides a dramatic visibility profile in wooded terrain, significantly reducing the dangers of accidents or misfires that could injure pets.”   Several shoppers have sent in comments and questions regarding the use of the SafetyPUP vest for hunting dogs. “We’ve had customers write in and ask if the SafetyPUP is tough enough for extended outdoor use, and we’ve had customers ask if the visibility increases provided by the SafetyPUP are effective in low light conditions or thick vegetation. Across the board, the answer is yes, without a doubt.”   Jubal McMillan, VP of Product Development at SJS and one of the architects of the SafetyPUP reflective dog vest, explains why. “The SafetyPUP was designed to work best in low light conditions and for extended use outdoors. We build our dog vests out of 300D Oxford Weave dual-surface fabric, so it’s much stronger and more resilient than the materials typically used by other manufacturers.” Indeed, research shows that most competing products use either cotton canvas or nylon fabric as the foundation for their reflective dog vests, and very few use dual surface fabric.   Regarding visibility, McMillan continues: “We use a bright blaze orange color scheme and substantially more reflective material than most other dog vest manufacturers, providing a far brighter pet visibility profile that can be seen from farther away, even in poor lighting.”   CEO Stacy McIntosh reiterates the SafetyPUP commitment to hunter safety. “It was our goal to produce the ideal hunting dog vest. Stronger materials, superior engineering, better craftsmanship, and higher visibility were all priorities in designing the SafetyPUP. The fact that more and more sport hunters are jumping on board and purchasing the SafetyPUP tells us that we’re doing something right.”   About SJS Direct:   Based in Modesto, California, SJS Direct is a new venture dedicated to providing premium quality consumer products across a broad range of industries. Unlike many producers of commercial goods, SJS Direct does not concentrate on minimizing production costs to satisfy the lowest-price market, but is known for investing time and capital into product research, material engineering, and customer-requested feature development. As a result, SJS products offer superior craftsmanship, value, and utility than many brand name manufacturers while remaining competitively priced. For more information on the new SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest, browse to