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Sport Hunters: Sometimes Reflective Dog Vests Aren’t Enough

August 29, 2014

While providing your pet with a high visibility reflective dog vest, like the SafetyPUP XD from SJS Direct, dramatically increases hunting dog safety, there are a number of other dangers that sport hunters should be on the lookout for this season.  bullet-distance-1200-627 Sport hunters around the country are relying more and more on reflective dog vests like the SafetyPUP XD to keep their loyal companions safe from accidents resulting from mistaken identity. After all, maximizing visibility in thick vegetation, dense woods, or low light environments with a bright orange hunting dog vest is just plain smart.   However, there are many other dangers that sport hunters should be aware of when tracking game – and many of these dangers have nothing to do with maintaining high visibility. Pet Poison Helpline has put together a list of tips for hunters in all climates, and the following article from their website is definitely worth a read.