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Reflective Dog Vest Manufacturer Unveils Customer Outreach Program

September 16, 2014

California-based pet product startup SJS Direct recently unveiled a nationwide customer outreach program for their new line of SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vests, and increases in sales are proof that the dog vest manufacturer is on the right track. Oakdale, CA:The team behind the popular SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest, created and distributed by California-based pet product company SJS Direct, recently announced a consumer engagement program designed to provide dog vest shoppers with information and usage instructions on their flagship product line. However, unlike most reflective dog vest manufacturers, this engagement will be up close and personal. Stacy McIntosh, the Chief Executive Officer of SJS Direct and team leader for the SafetyPUP line of reflective dog vest explains why this new outreach program is worthwhile. “It’s surprising how similar many of the questions that we receive from our customers are, and we’ve decided that a direct and proactive approach to customer engagement will pay dividends in the long run.” This new customer engagement program will be a collective effort; company representatives will be tasked with reaching out directly to people who have already purchased SafetyPUP reflective dog vests and providing them with information on how to get the most out of their purchase. “We know there are many different kinds of people who have purchased the SafetyPUP dog vest for many different kinds of reasons,” continues McIntosh. “Some of our users wanted a reliable hunting dog vest, some wanted a reflective vest for walking dogs in urban areas at night, and some just wanted a dog vest that stands out in a crowd.” But even though the SafetyPUP XD dog vest appeals to a wide range of shoppers, queries pouring in to the SJS customer feedback center are often very much alike. SafetyPUP dog vest users want to know how much additional visibility the product provides, how to care for it and keep it clean, and how well it stands up to outdoor environments. There are even users who want to know if the vest can support custom patches or embroidery work without affecting overall brightness. “By contacting our shoppers directly and explaining some of the enhanced features of the SafetyPUP reflective dog vest, we hope to prove our commitment to meaningful customer service. More importantly, we aim to ensure that every SafetyPUP dog vest is used in the safest and most effective way possible for each one of our customers.”