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To Stay Safe When Walking your Dog, Vests Aren’t All You Need

September 16, 2014

It’s easy to see why so many of our customers use the SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest when heading out for an evening walk with their dog. The bright coloration and reflectivity of the SafetyPUP dog vest extend visibility well beyond 500 feet in low light conditions, making the SafetyPUP a great way to keep your pet safe and secure when strolling down the sidewalk in urban areas. However, maximizing the safety of both you and your pet when you’re out for an evening walk requires more than a reliable reflective dog vest. Knowing how to interact with other pets and pedestrians you might meet, keeping a sharp eye out for potentially hazardous drivers, and using the proper leash and harness are all important as well. The ASPCA has put together an excellent checklist on dog walking safety, and while much of it might be review, it’s worth taking a look and seeing if there are any tips or tricks you can learn to keep you and your pet as safe as possible during your time together.   [READ MORE] mary-brooklyn