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Reflective Dog Vest Producer Celebrates World Wildlife Conservation Day

December 03, 2014

California-based SJS Direct, the startup behind the popular SafetyPUP XD dog vest, discusses a new program aimed at pro-active awareness building and slated for launch on World Wildlife Conservation Day.   Modesto, CA: SJS Direct, the California-based company that produces the SafetyPUP XD Reflective Dog Vest, has seen skyrocketing sales since the introduction of their flagship product line, and the executive team at SJS is looking for ways to put that revenue to good use. One such idea revolves around a wildlife conservation awareness program slated for launch on World Wildlife Conservation Day.   “December fourth is World Wildlife Conservation Day, and we’re looking for a meaningful way to reach the large following we’ve built from the sale of SafetyPUP dog vests,” says Shem Swerkes, VP of Marketing for SJS Direct. Turning online shoppers into supporters of a charitable cause can be difficult, but Swerkes is confident that SafetyPUP dog vest buyers aren’t typical shoppers: “SafetyPUP shoppers are far more interested in the well-being of animals than most kinds of consumers, and we’re confident that an awareness program centered on wildlife conservation would resonate well with our customers.”   Stacy McIntosh, CEO of SJS Direct and Project Lead for the SafetyPUP reflective dog vest product line, concurs. “SafetyPUP shoppers are absolutely more open to giving to worthwhile animal conservation causes than traditional online shoppers, most likely because our shoppers all have animals in their lives that they love dearly.” The challenge, according to McIntosh, isn’t mobilizing the SafetyPUP customer base. “The hardest task will be to find a way to reach out to our shoppers in a way that is unobtrusive, and that provides a way for our shoppers to donate in a comfortable and positive way, whether it’s money, time, or simply spreading awareness by sharing a link on Facebook.”   The final choice on which wildlife conservation project to support still hasn’t been made, however. “We’re eyeballs deep in researching a number of different worthwhile causes, and we want to make sure we pick the one that will reach our audience most effectively,” says Swerkes. “Ideally, we’d like a cause that resonates with the SafetyPUP dog vest. Maybe we could put out a special edition version of our product, or provide photos and video of conservation in action.”   While final determinations on which cause SJS will support have yet to be made, the SJS team remains dedicated to creating an awareness building campaign, and to providing SafetyPUP owners with a unique opportunity to assist with global wildlife conservation.   About SJS Direct:   Based in Modesto, California, SJS Direct is a new venture dedicated to providing premium quality consumer products across a broad range of industries. Unlike many producers of commercial goods, SJS Direct does not concentrate on minimizing production costs to satisfy the lowest-price market, but is known for investing time and capital into product research, material engineering, and customer-requested feature development. As a result, SJS products offer superior craftsmanship, value, and utility than many brand name manufacturers while remaining competitively priced. For more information on the new SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest, browse to