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Reflective Dog Vests Increase Halloween Safety

October 06, 2014

A press statement from California-based startup SJS Direct, distributor of the SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest, reminds consumers that a reliable dog safety vest can dramatically increase safety during the Halloween season.   Modesto, CA: Halloween is fast approaching, and households across the country are preparing sweet treats, fun costumes, and spooky decorations for the coming holiday – and the SafetyPUP team wants to remind consumers that a reflective dog vest can significantly increase the safety of children and grown-ups during the festivities.   Stacy McIntosh, CEO of SJS Direct and manager of the team that produces the SafetyPUP XD dog vest, weighs in on the importance of Halloween safety: “Trick or treating is still a national pastime, and on October 31st, there are going to be millions of little ghosts and ghouls parading throughout suburban neighborhoods.” Some estimates report that more than 10 million or more young children trick or treat in the United States annually, and the great majority of these children live in high population areas.   “We know that many children take their pets with them when traipsing around the neighborhood while dressed up, and we’ve found that the SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest is the perfect complement to a Halloween costume,” explains McIntosh. It’s true that the SafetyPUP XD dog vest increases pet visibility by up to 500 feet in low light conditions, which means children who are accompanied on their trick or treating excursion by a furry friend wearing a SafetyPUP dog vest will likely be far easier to spot by passing motorists.   Wearing a reflective dog vest doesn’t have to mean giving up the spirit of the Holliday, says Shem Swerkes, VP of Marketing for SJS. “We’ve had some of our customers use the SafetyPUP to create cute costumes for their pets, and we thought ‘wow, that’s a great way to increase trick or treating safety while sticking with the spirit of the holiday! We’ve even talked about sponsoring a SafetyPUP dog vest costume contest on Facebook.”   Whether or not the costume contest takes place, the SafetyPUP team is dedicated to spreading the word about being safe throughout this Halloween season and promoting the benefits of adorning four-legged trick or treating companies with a bright blaze orange dog vest.   McIntosh concludes: “At the end of the day, Halloween is a lot of fun, but safety is still the most important thing. If a SafetyPUP reflective dog vest provides additional safety for children and pets when they’re out trick or treating, we feel it’s important to let people know about it.”   About SJS Direct:   Based in Modesto, California, SJS Direct is a new venture dedicated to providing premium quality consumer products across a broad range of industries. Unlike many producers of commercial goods, SJS Direct does not concentrate on minimizing production costs to satisfy the lowest-price market, but is known for investing time and capital into product research, material engineering, and customer-requested feature development. As a result, SJS products offer superior craftsmanship, value, and utility than many brand name manufacturers while remaining competitively priced. For more information on the new SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest, browse to