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Safety Tips for Hiking and Hunting Dog Vest Shoppers

September 02, 2014

SJS Direct, the company that produces the SafetyPUP XD reflective dog vest, offers a checklist of important tips for hunters and hikers thinking about taking their four legged friends out for a weekend trek. The SafetyPUP XD is ideally suited as either a hiking or hunting dog vest, providing your pet with dramatically increased visibility in daytime or nighttime and in open or wooded areas. In addition to making your pet safe and visible, the SafetyPUP is waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and repels insects, burrs, and poison oak. However, keeping your pet safe and comfortable when you’re out on the trail requires more than a top quality reflective dog vest. The ASPCA has put together an excellent checklist for hikers and hunters thinking about taking a canine companion out on their next jaunt, and we highly recommend that all outdoor enthusiasts read it carefully before taking their pets out into the wild. DogHiking               [READ MORE]