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SafetyPUP USA Made Dog Treats Hit #1 on Amazon!

February 08, 2015

We’d like to throw a shout out to all the new SafetyPUP shoppers who are enjoying our new USA made dog treats, and let you all know how much we appreciate you! Thanks to Health-conscious pet owners just like you, our new SafetyPUP/KONA’S CHIPS co-branded dog treats just hit #1 on Amazon! The entire SafetyPUP team is super excited that our new dog treats have been so well received, so thank you thank you thank you!   #1_New_Release!!!For those who haven’t tried the new SafetyPUP/KONA’S CHIPS® co-branded chicken jerky treats for dogs, you and your pet are missing out! These are premium dog treats made in the USA only, with no added filler or chemicals. Made from 100% healthy, high protein, hand-cut chicken, we guarantee that your dog will love them or your money back, no questions asked.   Don’t risk purchasing imported treats, who knows what kind of ingredients they use or what kind of contaminants you might find in them? If your dog’s health is important to you (and we know it is!), SafetyPUP USA made dog treats are the perfect choice. Try a box today!