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USA Made Dog Treats Safer and Healthier, finds Crowdsourced Study

February 06, 2015

Dog treats, snacks, and other types of pet food imported from overseas are highly likely to be contaminated by harmful substances, according to a recent study from the Association for Truth in Pet Food. These contaminates not only include excess amounts of sulfur, mold, and fungus, but could include drug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus and Acinetobacter – forms of bacteria that are extremely hazardous to both pets and their owners.   Dog-with-carrots-300x225While there have been many research projects of late dedicated to uncovering potentially harmful ingredients in imported pet food, what sets the ATPF study apart is how it was financed. By using international crowdfunding site, the ATPF was able to fund by receiving help directly from consumers. No corporations were involved – all the money used to produce this research was provided by real life pet owners who share a driving interest in determining what, exactly, the pet food we buy in stores contains.   The results of this study should be considered a wake-up call for pet owners nationwide. Imported pet foods consistently fall short of FDA standards, and American consumers need to band together to ensure that the dog treats and pet food products we buy are free from harmful additives.   If you’re in the market for safe, healthy, and nutritious USA-made dog treats, consider our new SafetyPUP/KONA’S CHIPS® brand chicken snacks. Not only are these dog treats made in the USA only from 100% hand cut chicken, they’re absolutely delicious and we know your pet will love them. Try a box today and see for yourself!