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Top Ten Photos of Dogs in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

December 26, 2015

Now that the presents have been opened, we have the rare opportunity of viewing some of the most egregious examples of pampered pets adorned with festooned holiday trappings. Aglow with glitter and jingling with ornaments, most of these sweaters would not be worn by even the most fashion-unconscious humans, but for some reason our canine companions are able to pull off the impossible and adorn themselves in ghastly holiday attire while remaining cute and cuddly. And so, with no further ado, our top ten photos of dogs in ugly Christmas sweaters: xmas sweater 01   xmas sweater 02   xmas sweater 03   xmas sweater 04   xmas sweater 05   xmas sweater 06   xmas sweater 07-08   xmas sweater 09   xmas sweater 10   Source: