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US Veteran Receives Miraculous Christmas Gift

December 23, 2015

packs pack US Veteran James Pack of Camden, Delaware received a heartwarming gift earlier this week when a group of volunteers took it upon themselves to put together a Christmas miracle especially for him. Pack was immobilized by a massive heart last September, and his hospital stay kept him incapacitated until earlier this month. Due to his extended hospital stay, the First State Animal Center and SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Camden, Delaware was obligated to shelter his dogs while he recuperated, and the two dogs were offered up for adoption. Upon his release, Pack was determined to retrieve his family from the SPCA adoption center in a Dover Petsmart store. Pack visited the store in an attempt to bring his dogs home, but he didn’t have the $210 needed to adopt them. Pack then sold his car to raise the money to bring his dogs home, and returned to the store with money in hand. Before he could make the purchase, however, he was informed that a group of volunteers had already raised enough money to help him re-adopt his faithful companions, along with a cart ful of food, treats, and bones for his family. They surprised Park with the news while a camera recorded the moment — filled with two emotional dogs that were a blur of licking tongues and wagging tails. “I didn’t think I would have my dogs back,” Park told the Delaware State News. “This is the best Christmas ever.” Watch the video of Pack reuniting with his pack here: Source: the Good News Network


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