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January 22, 2018

Welcome to the SafetyPUP Weekly Walk, your daily dose of tips, tricks, and trivia that will help you and your pet stay safe and happy all year round.

Your Dog is More Like You than You Think An article published by National Geographic details a number of studies that reveal the amazing social complexity, empathy, and communicative skills displayed by canines. Not only do dogs display empathy, they can sense anger, discomfort, or even jealousy. In fact, these emotions are part of the reason why dogs are one of the easiest animals to domesticate and train. Some dogs even like to watch TV!  

Do Dogs REALLY Like to Watch TV? It’s true. You might be surprised how many dogs enjoy spending an evening cozying up and playing couch potato. Julie Hecht, an animal behavior PhD student at The City University of New York, suggests in a recent article that much of this behavior has to do with auditory rather than visual cues, however she does admit that images of animals on the screen can be just as enticing to dogs as natural wildlife sounds.   The Challenge of Keeping the Sofa Clean One of the most difficult challenges faced by most dog owners is a simple one – how to keep the sofa clean (especially after an evening of watching the tube your furry friend). If you’re one of those rare and devoted few pet owners that has never engaged in any couch-based canine cuddling, we salute your discipline. For the rest of us, this article from ModernDogMagazine provides a plethora of pointers on post-cuddle cleaning.   Tune in next week, and stay safe out there!