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January 29, 2018

Here comes the newest issue of the Weekly Walk from SafetyPUP – a once a week jaunt into dog news, articles, stories, and trivia specially prepared for dog lovers everywhere.   Looking for a new leash for small dogs? The SafetyPUP XD Retractable Leash is now available on Amazon, and allows discerning dog walkers to choose the amount of freedom their dog needs depending on the situation. Like all our products, it’s 100% guaranteed, so if you’ve got a small or medium sized dog that needs a leash, take a look:   And now the news:   Are Dogs Smarter than Cats? A study headed up by an associate professor at Vanderbilt University named Suzana Herculano-Houzel has been making waves on Facebook and Twitter, and provides a possible answer to the age-old question of whether canines or felines come out ahead in terms of raw brainpower. Some readers say the study doesn’t provide a definitive answer either way, but they were probably cat lovers.   How Smart are Dogs Compared to Humans?  For a real test of canine ingenuity, the clearest comparison should be with a human being, right? Research performed by the American Psychological Organization provides a breakdown of several feats of intelligence dogs are capable of performing, such as counting, memorizing, and recognizing language, and compares these capabilities to human beings to find out how dogs stack up. Read more on!   How Smart is the Smartest Dog in the World? Surprisingly smart! The honor of World’s Smartest Dog belongs to Chaser, a border collie who knows more than 1,000 words. Chaser and her dad, 86 year old retired psychology professor John Pilley, were recently interviewed by Anderson Cooper, and the transcript provides plenty of insight into just how intelligent Chaser really is. Chaser also has her own website!   Be safe, and we’ll see you again next week!