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What This Dog Did to Rescue Her Owner is Unbelievable

November 05, 2015

janet and mabel Texas resident Janet Wilhelm is a practicing nurse, and after taking a bad fall in her garage, she knew she was in trouble. The fall had fractured her pelvis in five places, rendering her unable to move, and her husband wasn’t due home for another eight hours. Three years earlier, Janet had rescued Mabel, a black Labrador. As Mabel approached, her incapacitated owner reached out and grabbed her collar. Immediately, Mabel began backing up. At first, Janet thought Mabel was trying to get away, but Mabel stayed with her owner, and over the next hour and a half, Mabel dragged Janet back into her house so she could reach her phone and call for help. Without Mable, Janet would have been alone and injured in her garage the entire day. Three years ago, Janet rescued Mabel. This time around, Mabel rescued Janet. If you know anyone with a rescued animal, share this story with them – it will make their day! This video footage is from the USA Today archives