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Young Girl’s “Dear Santa” Letter for her Dog Will Melt Your Heart!

December 09, 2015

isla 1 Isla Kerr, a seven year old girl from Sowerby Bridge, England, recently wrote a letter to Santa that didn’t include any of the wishes most children want to see fulfilled on Christmas morning. She didn’t ask for an Xbox or PlayStation, or dolls or coloring books. She just made one simple request: “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is my dog to come back. I do not care about presents, all I care about is my dog Dolly to come home. I miss her so much and love her. Love Isla Kerr xxxx.” Dolly is a blind Boston Terrier that requires daily medication. After stepping into an ice cream parlor for a quick scoop, Isla was dismayed to find that someone had taken Dolly while Isla was inside enjoying her ice cream. “Whoever took her just unclipped her lead and led her away,” said Isla’s mother Vanessa Meskimmon. “She’s a very friendly dog so she would have let someone take her, but when she is somewhere she doesn’t know she gets very scared. She doesn’t like loud noises and she’s frightened of being told off. She is completely blind and will be so scared.” The family called the police and found CCTV video footage of Dolly being walked away with a stranger, but no identification could be made. After putting up posters and talking to local newspapers, the family even convinced a local taxi company to pick up Dolly for free if she was found. When these efforts proved unsuccessful, Isla told her mom “Santa can do anything,” and wrote her letter. isla 2 A few days later, a man called Isla’s mother to report that he had found Dolly alone in the park. “Isla was with her friend next door, making posters for her appeal, when her daddy went round and said, ‘Someone wants to see you.’ Isla was absolutely delighted, and so was Dolly,” Vanessa said. “Dolly was so excited, she was wriggling and jumping up and licking our faces, she was so happy. Isla didn’t get much sleep last night, she was so excited to have Dolly back. She wouldn’t let her go.” Authorities believe the person who stole Dolly might have thought they could sell her for money, but failed to realize that a blind dog in need of medication would be more trouble than she was worth. “Isla thinks that Santa has helped her out, but she also knows that she has played a big part in that. She has now reverted back to her original list, which included a Barbie house, some Heelies roller shoes and a Reborn newborn doll,” Vanessa said. “Dolly can’t see us but she knows who we are, she knows she’s home and it’s so lovely. She is part of our family. We can’t stop cuddling her, we’re so pleased to have her back.” Isla 3 Source: